CHILLSVILLE: Population....You

Welcome to George FM's Chillsville - our weekend shows easing you out of the clubs and into bed..or out of bed and into your day.

From chillout classics like Massive Attack and Lemon Jelly, to new school rancho relaxo artists like James Blake and Frank Ocean, to gentle balearic goodness, to homegrown chillbro business from Freddy's, Opensouls and the likes, this playlist is a beautiful thing.

Chillsville: Population... You.

Saturdays and Sundays 5am-10am.


Saturday Mornings hosted by Dylan & Dan.

Dylan provides the tunes, Dan provides the questionable banter. Playing stuff to ease you out of a Friday night rager and into a Brunch filled with Bloody Mary’s and tears. But maybe that’s just us…

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Sunday Mornings hosted by Marina Katerina

Marina Katerina hails from the US of A and has been making a splash in the Auckland club scene since arriving here in 2013. But on Sunday mornings she takes a different turn from the club bangers you hear her playing on weekend nights. With Chillsville, she delivers a silky smooth blend of down tempo electronic beats & that American twang to ease you out of bed in the morning - or into it if you're winding down your night out!

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